Solstice and Equinox Tour in Iceland: June and September 2018

With Harpa

Séjour équestreAn amazing tour of 9 days in the north of Iceland, close to the arctic circle, offering contemplative walks, solstice and midnight sun, whales and fauna observation, hot baths. Maximum of 12 pers. Accompanied by a French-English speaking guide.

Highlights of this tour:

  • Summer Solstice and Midnight Sun for June or northern lights and blackberries in September: In Iceland, June is the ideal time of the year to enjoy the midnight sun, especially with the longest day in the year on the 21st: the summer solstice. This natural phenomenon is truly magical with a sun almost disappearing, floating on the horizon, offering hours of sunset. All the accommodations we offer in this midnight sun tour are selected and picked for their optimal orientation regarding the midnight sun. You will therefore be comfortably settled to enjoy this unique phenomenon.
  • A unique and diverse nature: All the walks, depending on the weather and on your guide’s inspiration, will be soft or vigorous, mysterious or enlightening. All the sites being close to your accommodation, we will spend more time enjoying and admiring what surrounds us. This midnight sun adventure is ideal for birds and nature lovers, photographers and hikers. The vastness of this region, the very low density of population, the water, air, silence and light quality turn this trip into a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate oneself.
  • Exploring the region of Myvatn: A stay around lake Myvatn is always a complete immersion in a powerful and primitive nature where men managed to settle and keep traditions alive, such as baking bread in the warm ground, fishing in ice… Myvatn region offers an incredible diversity in a small area and allows avoiding long drives. This region has been recently used as a shooting spot for Game of Thrones and Prometheus. Fans will be able to discover the shooting spots during the trip.
  • Beauty and authenticity of Trollaskagi’s peninsula: Remote from route 1, the peninsula is surrounded by high mountains on one side and by the fjord Eyjafjördur on the other side. Here, nature has been forged by the meeting of glaciers. Lights are magnificent and the location is ideal to discover birds, seals, whales and Icelandic horses. Once again, unforgettable memories ahead of you
  • Harpa’voice….and icelandic melodies.
Price : 2990 €