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Re-establishing the lost link with the whales in Iceland : June 2020

June 13, 2020
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8 Days
Min Age : 10
Max People : 10



We are pleased to offer you this trip to Iceland during the midnight sun period dedicated to whales, in cooperation with the Shelltone whale project association and its founder Pierre Lavagne De Castellan.


The mission of the Shelltone Whale Project is to play, improvise, co-write and record music with whales, sublimating through this common creation the fundamentals of interspecies communication and then to analyze and attempt to understand these data and study the effects of these songs and sounds on other living organisms such as plants, animals and humans.

Beneath the surface of the oceans, whales sing extraordinarily complex and delicate songs, pure expressions of their intense social life and wisdom. Anyone who has approached a whale and had the chance to listen to its song, has had the feeling that these peaceful creatures have an immense knowledge to discover and share.

After several years of collaboration between acoustic engineers and marine biologists, at the acoustic research laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and Stanford University in California, the Shelltone Whale Project team has created a wind instrument inspired by the marine conch that reproduces the whales’ song on the surface and underwater.



In all the seas of the world, humpback whales have, for thousands of years, nurtured links that still exist today with the people who inhabit the coasts where they live.

We observe everywhere in the World the will of humpback whales to approach men, to spend time in their company, to swim with them, to exchange with them their music, their sound… everywhere except in the Caribbean….

Pierre Lavagne de Castellan

Marine Bioacoustician – Ethologist – Research Director of the Shelltone Whale Project. 

He met “his” first humpback whale and listened to his “song” in Hawaii in 1981. Since then, he has traveled around the world and sailed in all seas. To establish contact and initiate interspecies communication with humpback whales, music quickly became an obvious way forward.

In 2005 he created the “Shelltone Whale Project” and obtained recognition of general interest. In two years, he developed, at the acoustic research laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and Stanford University in California, a wind musical instrument that allows him to play music underwater in the frequencies of humpback whales with the same range.

From 2008 to 2012, he tested this instrument between northern California and the Hawaiian archipelago, with humpback whales. The first musical exchanges between humans and cetaceans underwater were born from these experiences.

Since 2013, he has been studying whale singing and contributing to the establishment of an acoustic and photographic database of cetaceans in the young Agoa sanctuary, a marine protected area in Guadeloupe, where humpback whales breed.

He came to settle in the Caribbean to try to renew the “Lost Link”, it is now the main mission of the Shelltone Whale Project.

Points forts du séjour

Highlights of the stay

  •  Summer solstice and midnight sun for the June trip: In Iceland, June is the ideal time to observe the midnight sun, with the longest day being 21 June for the summer solstice. This natural phenomenon is magical with a sun barely disappearing, brushing the horizon line of the sea before rising to the heavens. 
  •  A unique and varied nature. The walks that depend on the weather and the inspiration of your guide will be gentle or vital, mysterious or dazzling. Because the sites are close to your accommodation, we take more time to enjoy and admire what surrounds us. Ideal for bird lovers, photographers, nature lovers and walkers… The vastness of the landscape, the very low population density, the quality of the water, the air, the silence and the light, make Iceland an ideal place to recharge your batteries.
  •  Discovery of the surroundings of Mývatn. A stay at Lake Mývatn represents an immersion in a very powerful and primitive nature but where man has developed and preserved traditions such as baking bread in the hot ground, fishing on the ice… The Mývatn region offers an incredible diversity in a small area. 
  • Beauty and authenticity of the Trollaskagi Peninsula. Far from the main road, the peninsula is surrounded by high mountains on one side and by Eyjafjördur Fiord on the other. Here nature was forged by the encounter with glaciers. The lights are beautiful. It is the ideal place to meet Icelandic birds, seals, whales and horses. Unforgettable moments….
  • Rhythm of the stay: contemplative allowing a real feeling of the place and also a conviviality
  • Small group travel 
  • The excursions  with whales and Pierre Lavagne’s experience.
  • The practice of yoga, qi gong, singing, walking, experiences with Pandorastar,….everything that will bring us in tune with our friends.


  • 7 nights twin or double room with shared bathroom, single supplement 350 euros.
  • Local Guide from Akureyri in D2 to Akureyri in D7
  • Private bus from D2 Akureyri airport to D7 Akureyri airport
  • Domestic flight Reykjavik-Akureyri A/R
  • Full board from the breakfast on D2 to lunch included on D7
  • Three whale watching outings in a private boat
  • Entrance fee to the Blue lagoon of Myvatn
  • Donation of €100 per person to the Shelltone Whale Project Association
  • Yoga courses, meditations, Peter's lectures on interspecies dialogue
  • Accompaniment by Pierre Lavagne De Castellan
  • Transfers between accommodation and international airport on D8

Ne comprend pas

  • International flight
  • Soda or alcohol type drinks
  • Repatriation insurance
  • Transfers to Reykjavik from international airport in D1
Jour par jour


Reykjavik (Google Map)


Reykjavik (Google Map)

D1 : Arrival and evening in the capital

Transfer to the centre of the capital Reykjavik, whatever your arrival time during the day. Free time and overnight in the centre.

Note that the itinerary is indicative and will be organized according to the weather and whale watching trips, priorities of the trip…

D2: Flight to North and beginning of the adventure

Arrival at Akureyri airport by domestic flight of 45 minutes from Reykjavik with a departure at 8am.
Welcome by your guide who will then take you to your accommodation by the sea. Walk along the fjord and contact with the middle, according to the weather we will make the first trip at the end of the day for a meeting.
Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, organic acoustician in the morning, equipped with his hydrophone, will decipher the whales’ songs live, our best place in Iceland to observe them. Walks, yoga practice, Pierre’s lecture….the small size of the group will leave a lot of room for improvisation during the stay.

D3:Whale encounters and Hrisey Island

Walk on Hrisey Island and meet whales.
Every day we will alternate walking time, contemplation, exchange with Peter on interspecies communication.
Your accommodation for 4 nights is by the sea and allows each time of solitude in the day.
Depending on the group we can also practice yoga, qi gong, singing…

D4:A the meeting of whales

Boat trip in the morning for 3am with the whales, Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, bio-acoustician in the morning, equipped with his hydrophone, will decipher the whales’ songs live, our best place in Iceland to observe them. Walks, yoga practice, Pierre’s lecture….the small size of the group will leave a lot of room for improvisation during the stay.

D5: Meeting the whales and departure for Myvatn

Boat trip in the morning for 3am with the whales, Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, bio-acoustician in the morning, equipped with his hydrophone, will decipher the whales’ songs live, our best place in Iceland to observe them. Walks, yoga practice, Pierre’s lecture….the small size of the group will leave a lot of room for improvisation during the stay.
Departure at the end of the day for the Myvatn lake located 130 kms inland and its active volcanism, where we will stay for two nights.

D6 :Mývatn Volcanism

Day dedicated to the discovery of volcanism of Myvatn and the rift. This region is a concentrate of Iceland. We will also stop at the fall of Godafoss and take a swim in the Blue Lagoon of the North. The stay is dedicated to whales, but how can you come to Iceland without seeing the land that smokes and mud and a site like Myvatn with all its migratory birds?

D7:Fjord and return to Reykjavik

Departure after the pdj of Myvatn and stop by the sea in the Helgafell centre of Alkemia for a last moment in contact with the ocean and synthesis of this stay. Lunch on site. Departure in the early afternoon for the domestic flight at 4pm to return to the capital. Night at the centre.

D8: International flight or extension




 Group of 6 to 12 participants.

Steps: Steps without carrying moderate level.  Duration of 1-3 hours, can depend on the weather conditions of the day and the level of the group, and can be split into two steps during the day. It will also always be possible to stay at the accommodation.

Indicative itinerary and safety: the day-by-day programme is given as an indication and is subject to change. Changes can even sometimes be imposed for safety reasons, due to natural phenomena specific to the area: volcanism, bad weather, exceptionally bad weather… Your guide knows the terrain perfectly and remains the only master on board to make the necessary decisions when it comes to interpreting the whims of all powerful nature on this volcanic land and in these high latitudes.

Guide: Your guide is listening to the group and Icelandic nature to experience this journey to discover the magic of Icelandic nature.

Vehicle: comfortable mini bus 

Food: vegetarian cuisine based on tasty organic quality products. A hearty “Scandinavian” breakfast, picnic at lunchtime with mixed salads, cookies and hot drinks. In the evening, a hearty and friendly dinner based on local specialities and products: lake trout, leg of lamb, vegetables, potatoes, salad and excellent dairy products including blueberry skyr. It is essential that a special diet or allergy to a particular food be clearly indicated at the time of registration.

For the friendliness of the group, but nothing obligatory, we recommend that everyone bring a small speciality from their region (cookies, cheese, wine…).

Participation: Travelers are expected to give a little help and assist the guide in preparing meals and dishes at the accommodation.

Accommodation during the stay: in double rooms or twin beds made in guesthouses 

Extension of your stay: Contact us! You may not be coming back to Iceland soon and, if you have a little more time, we advise you of course to extend your stay by a few days, on your own, to discover another region or in the most northern capital of the world. We can organise an extra 1 or 2 days in Reykjavik where you will have the opportunity to soak up its relaxed and original atmosphere, its excellent coffee shops, its superb bookstores, its exciting little interactive museums and art galleries, its extraordinary outdoor swimming pools, spa, and its extraordinary weekend nightlife.

Be careful, decide to extend your stay in advance, because it can be expensive, if not impossible, to change your flight ticket on site!

Given the season and the marked climatic instability of the northern regions, we ask you to comply with the equipment lists below, for your comfort and safety.


Soft bag / suitcase or backpack for all your belongings 

Waterproof backpack 20-30L for your picnic and your belongings of the day

Comfortable hiking shoes (goretex)

Waterproof jacket with hood (goretex)

Waterproof or insulating hiking pants

Lightweight clothing for indoor practice

Curly or synthetic wool socks 

Sweaters in natural wool or thick fleece

T-shirts (merino)

Fine long-sleeved sweaters or shirts (merino or comfortable fibres)

Cap, cap, cap



Toilet bag

Swimsuit / towel

Moisturizing sun cream and lip balm

In case of hesitation, please contact us to discuss your equipment!